Sell your Training Programs

Looking to sell some of your training programs?

We give the easiest and most effective market to do just that.  With a 80% payout immediately upon sale, there is nothing else this effective anywhere on the internet.  We will even drive traffic directly to this site so people will have access to your programs.  If you need a way to make some passive income by doing what you do best, we are here to help.

What we do:
We are a marketplace where coaches and trainers can post their workouts for sale, and people can buy them. Whether you are a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, FMS Corrective Exercise specialist, nutritionist or more, we will help you sell your programs.  Even if you have people emailing you for programs and want an easy way to list and sell them, all you have to do is give your clients a link to the sale page, and all the information they need will be there.

How should you list your programs?
There are a variety of ways to list programs:

  1. You can do a series of programs, like 2 weeks at a time, and sell them for  a cheaper price.
  2. You can create one long program (8 week squat cycle, 16 week offseason football program) and sell it in a single file for a higher price.
  3. List online custom programming for a set, weekly or monthly price.


  1. Always be available for comments and questions. When people comment or ask a question on this site about your program, you will be notified, and the faster you can respond the more likely you are to receive a sale!
  2. You must post some sort of supporting document with your program. Whether its a word document explaining it, or a video, you must include something.  This will greatly benefit you as the more information you provide, the less questions you will have to answer on the back end. The goal is PASSIVE income, so the better your description and supporting documents, the less work you will have to do after posting!
  3. Be specific with what your program does and accomplishes.
  4. List your program in the appropriate category. If you need a new category, let me know I can make one for you!

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